Revit Observations in 2020

Revit has been in the market for nearly 20 years and to someone who started with AutoCAD in 1985, it has been interesting to see its expanding use, and the recent industry comments relating to its lack of architectural application development over the last few years. <link>

Revit forms a significant and essential part of my workflows and there many useful tools provided by the software. There are aspects of the software, especially in the area of documentation, that comprise my productivity and could be improved upon.
The areas are as follows:

  • Plotting
    • PDF Plotting
    • Sheet Sets
  • Interface
    • Project Browser
  • Draughting and Fidelity
    • 0.7 mm line limits
    • Pen weight
    • Annotation Alignment
    • Crop boxes
    • Tools by eye
  • Speed and Operation
    • Using Hardware Resources
    • Startup Processes
    • Dynamo
  • Families
    • Array of 1
    • Parametric tools
    • Context Editing
  • Interoperability with AutoCAD
    • Exchange
  • Productivity
    • Less productive than CAD
  • Detailing
    • Detail family

The list is designed to be constructive and is not intended as a “beat up” on Revit. Revit is mission critical to my business and it is in my interests that Revit remains viable and is improved going forward.