BIM in 1990

Around 1990, I was constructing 3D CAD models using AutoCAD objects (blocks) using a NEC APC4 286 system with a IBM PGA graphics card. A render from the AutoCAD 3D model is below and we derived plans, elevations and sections from it.


I had developed a workflow which allowed the naming of objects to represent parts of a building. I could count the columns and precast panels, the volumes and floor areas, work out the levels and drive the 2D plans, sections, elevations and perspective views from this model. I cam to releiase that this was essentially a BIM model.

The design is by the late Jon Craig from Craig Craig Moller Architects in Wellington New Zealand and the building is a central land mark in Porirua.

The PGC graphics card and screen was acquired for around $NZ2,000 at the time, discounted I believe from $NZ25,000. It provided 640×480 pixels with 256 colors from a palette of 4096.