Revit – Enscape .gif Animation

Sequence build of a KOROK® Fire Wall System using a Revit lead model augmented with AutoCAD ACIS 3d detail objects to provide the fine detail. These images were built using Revit 2020 and Enscape.

Building this model is outlined as follows:

  • The KOROK® vertical planks are defined as Revit beams and laid out using a beam system and then placed vertically.
  • A double Tee beam system defines the floor above. The top of the KOROK® wall and the openings for the services were made with Revit face cutter objects profiled to the required shapes.
  • “C Track” trims the cut edges of the KOROK® planks, top and bottom of the wall and the openings.
  • The furring channels are defined as Revit beams and are laid out using a beam system, vertically placed.

  • The Rondo components are made using 3D AutoCAD models. The context for these are based on an exported .dwg file from the Revit model, which is then xrefed into an AutoCAD file providing 3D context for the detailed 3D AutoCAD object models.
  • This AutoCAD model is overlay linked back into the Revit showing the Rondo objects only.
    • Any subsequent updates to the Revit model cascades through the link chain updating the context for updating the detailed 3D AutoCAD object models linked back into the main Revit model.
  • The insulation is made up of a Revit wall and ceiling elements profiled for illustration.
  • The plasterboard is also made up of Revit wall elements with vertical reveals to show the vertical joints.

The .gif animation was built using ImageMagick :

  • A series of Revit views were created with the objects hidden to reveal the build-up stages.
  • The views were number sequenced to define the order of the animation.
  • Enscape batch rendering was run across the views.

  • The resulting files were then processed using an ImageMagick batch file to form the .gif animation.

  • The whole process is repeatable to refine the images.

The breakout of the images that make up the GIF animation.

Since completing this project, I would probably look at using Camtasia to compile the animation as an alternative to .gif files.

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