Revit 2023.1 – Dynamo Player Issues

Further to my 2023.1 install issues a few days ago, everything seemed to work OK except for the Dynamo Player.

I had installed the 2023.1 release on my laptop without issue and the installation onto the workstation as not fully completed. I logged a call with my dealer, who escalated the issue up to Autodesk.

In the meanwhile, I started looking at the documentation and release logs for Dynamo 2.16.1 and 2.17. It seems that there may be some issues with multiple GPUs. Since the workstation has two Nvidia RTX A6000 GPUs, I thought this might be causing the problem.

Reviewing the Revit journal files, I noted that there was a reference to a missing Dynamo Player Applcoiaiotn relating to Generative Design.

Looking at the Program Data and Program Files areas of the Windows 11 operating system in the computer with the successful installation, there were a number of addins missing from the workstation.

I copied these file sets from the notebook system and into the respective areas of the workstation.

  • Due to permission issues, I had to copy the file sets onto my Workstation Desktop and then drag them into the appropriate subdirectories confirming administration permissions along the way.
  • I found that you could not copy files into these areas from any other source.

I am not sure which add-in was causing the issue, but I now have a fully operational system.

Better cancel that support call.

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