Revit 2023.1 Install Issues

I have just spent some time reinstalling Revit 2023 back into my main workstation after having attempted to update the installed 2023 version to 2023.1.

  • The update process could not find the rvt.msi file during the procedure, and at around 48%, it backed out of the update process and blew up the existing Revit 2023 installation.

SO, I reinstalled Revit 2023 from my AutoDesk account after it completed the installation and asked me to start, I fired it up.

Just as it got into life, the installer completed its cleaning-up process and then promptly removed the Revit software core:

After trying a number of times to reinstall (I had uninstalled Revit 2023 using the Windows 11 app manager) and obtaining the same result, I went in and ripped out all the traces of Revit 2023 from the system, including the registry, as instructed in the following AutoDesk Knowledge Article:

How to Complete a Clean Uninstall of Revit products Revit 2023 Autodesk Knowledge Network

Still no joy. The install from my Autodesk account was not working.

So looking at the Custom Install options:

I set up a new Custom Install.

After removing all residues of Revit 2023 from my system, I ran the installer, and we now have an operational Revit 2023.1.

Interestingly, I did have a successful upgrade on my laptop system, but even though it has installed the Revit 2023.1 software correctly, the Autodesk Desktop App still shows the 2023.1 upgrades as being available.

Go Figure??

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  1. I don’t think this is a common experience. I just installed 2023.1 update without a hitch.

  2. Yup just launch the Update again and eventually it will disappear! As for the clean out of Revit 2023 it’s a bit of Registry work but after that all good! I had the MSI request coming up also…I blame the install issues on Microsoft but 2.8Gb update is quite a heavy lift after all!

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