AutoDesk Desktop App Issue

I have been having issues with the AutoDesk Desktop App with my workstation in that while it would load, it would not show up on the hidden icon area in the taskbar. After repeated uninstall/install cycles, I contacted my dealer for some support to fix it.

After their evaluation, they escalated it to AutoDesk in Singapore, who then fixed the issue as follows:

  • It seems that the following environment variables needed to be added to the system:
    • Variable name = QT_OPENGL , Variable value = angle
    • Variable name = QT_ANGLE_PLATFORM , Variable value = warp

The link to the knowledge document is as follows:

The Autodesk Desktop App doesn’t launch or closes immediately after launching.

They were not sure what the problem was, but they fixed it. Thanks, AutoDesk, for the quick response.

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