Great Dell Support

Just a shoutout to Dell, I have been using Dell systems for the last 20 years and I currently run a 4-year-old Dell Precision 7710 laptop as one of my main workstations. Originally the system was provided with three years on-site support which I had I renewed the support for another two years giving the system a five-year life – eighteen months to go.
Over the last month, a pixel line has been appearing on the 4K screen, the camera stopped working and the battery took on a “pillow” form looking to burst out of the system – echos of “Alien”.
So I contacted Dell Support on a Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm, and by lunchtime Thursday, they visited my home office and replaced the screen, camera and battery, basically in less than 12 hours.

Great service.

On another note, it also pays to blow the dust out of the fans of your computer systems every six months or so – reduces the risk of a CPU/GPU shut down due to overheating.

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