Enscape Assets

Recently, Phil Read showed how to use proxy objects in Revit to place hold Escape assets – Link to Phil’s Article. This approach provides the advantage of keeping the Revit geometry load low but supports the high fidelity that Enscape assets offer. Got me thinking, what would it take to load all 342 Enscape assets into a Revit file as one family with 342 types.
So, looking at the assets provided by Enscape in my <C:\Program Files\Enscape\SystemData\Assets> area, I wrote an AutoIT app to scan the 342 Enscape .json asset files into an array and write out a Revit type catalogue. Creating a Revit Generic family consisting of a square post and some model text linked to the Enscape Asset name as below, I was able to generate all 343 assets types from the catalogue file.

All the assets are then laid out in a rectangular grid using a Dynamo graph.

Rendering the scene in Enscape takes around three or so minutes using a Nvidia Quadro M6000 (24Gb) GPU. The scene exports to a 1 Gb Enscape stand alone .exe file.
Creating a non-template blank Revit file and placing the Enscape Asset family with all types into it results in a Revit file size of under 1Mb.

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