BIM In The Early 1990s

Around 1990, I was constructing BIM models using AutoCAD objects (blocks) on a NEC APC4 286 system with a IBM PGA graphics card.



It was not called BIM at the time but I had developed a workflow which allowed the naming of objects to represent parts of a building. I could count the columns and precast panels, the volumes and floor areas, work out the levels and drive the 2D plans, sections, elevations and perspective views from the 3D model.

The design is by the late Jon Craig from Craig Craig Moller Architects in Wellington New Zealand and the building is a central landmark in Porirua, a suburb of Wellington.


The PGC graphics card and screen was acquired for around $NZ2,000 at the time, discounted I believe from $NZ25,000. It provided 640×480 pixels with 256 colors from a palette of 4096.


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